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Management Software developed by EFALIA : MULTIGEST©

illustration du logiciel MultiGest

MULTIGEST© is Electronic Content Management Software (ECM),

with probative value, very easy to use, which manages and archives all the information of your company.

MULTIGEST© offers the full
functionality of an advanced DMS

Icone point de numérisation.

Automated document
capture and filing

icone recherche multicritère

Multi-criteria searchs
and full text

icone processus documentaire


icone gestion de cycle de vie

Document Life
Cycle Management

icone tracabilité et versionning

Traceability and versionning
of the document

icone habilitation

Security and empowerments

Building on a full set of document standards, the MULTIGEST© DMS solution is developed with a focus on compliance and the ambition to offer a tool that will satisfy the requirements of integrity, fidelity and traceability for all your documents.
MULTIGEST© V9 resolves various document management problems and creates broad standards for applications such as mail management, press reviews, supplier invoices, delivery notes, payslips, technical files, orders etc.
MULTIGEST© Server operates in a Windows environment, which can be virtualised, and on any client workstation with a web browser.
Logo MultiGest, l'efficacité documentaire. icone numérisation des documents papiers (OCR, code barre) ; icone synchronisation annuaire utilisateur ; icone recherche ; icone accessibilité depuis une tablette ou smartphone ; icone lien vers l'application métier ; icone workflow tableau de bord pilotage d'activité.
icone de démo.


an online demo

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