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« Document Management Software : Juste archiving, or a real information engine? »

Traditionally, DMS (Document Management System) has been seen as just a system for archiving documents, and particularly paper documents, with the benefits of scanning them and storing them in an easy-to-access digital format. This is a very reductive vision when you consider all the features offered by a modern DMS solution, which go far beyond just storing documents.

These features make it possible to set up collaborative work processes in order to:

  • Facilitate administrative tasks
  • Reduce the time needed to process files
  • Cut error rates
  • Standardise practice
  • Measure performance and thus establish a process of continuous improvement

The MULTIGEST© Document Management System offers a variety of tools for putting collaborative work into practice: a powerful Workflow engine, of course, but also simpler solutions that all contribute to the objectives above. Here are a few of them:


Its fully web-based design makes MULTIGEST© the ideal tool for establishing collaborative processes. Information, which lies at the heart of the company’s activities, is available instantly from any workstation, smartphone or tablet. Everyone involved in a project can access the information they need in real time and be sure they have the right version of each document.

The collaborative pack

This gives certain users a palette of tools to annotate documents and add post-it notes, stamps, electronic signatures etc. These additions enable other people using the documents to find out the information they need for their tasks in real time. The pack includes the Office connector.

Filing trays

Filing trays are temporary storage areas, used to distribute electronic mail from a central distribution point to downstream users of the document process. MULTIGEST© offers an infinite number of filing trays. The Document Management Software enables automatic document distribution based on variable rules and can respond if individual people are absent.

Notification portfolio

This makes it possible to notify users automatically of key events that affect them. These events relate to the creation, modification or deletion of documents. Notifications enable users to be informed immediately that documents they were waiting for have arrived and they can carry out their part of the process.

Work folder

This is a very visual way of highlighting the “current” document relative to the history archived in the Document Management System. It accelerates searches by isolating the documents currently being processed, without losing the coherence of the classification scheme. When a work folder is closed, the documents it contains are reimported into the DMS according to the classification scheme. When needed, information specific to the current process can be added in bulk to all the files included in the work folder. This information is conserved when the work folder is closed.

Portable export

MULTIGEST© makes it easy to export a selection of folders based on a variety of criteria (date ranges, events associated with the documents etc.) with a lightweight embedded interface for viewing and modifying them. This feature makes it possible to continue working even when no Internet access is available and to share information with external organisations.

Version control

MULTIGEST© manages different versions of documents, enabling several different people to work on the same document while conserving the different iterations in its development.

Document workflow

The Workflow module is the most polished of MULTIGEST’s tools, as it enables document processes to be defined graphically. The arrival of a document triggers a process that circulates the document from person to person, each having a precise task to be carried out: validation or refusal, reply, choice of the next recipient. Processes can be configured based on metadata – an invoice amount can trigger a specific validation workflow, for example.


MULTIGEST© can administer all these sophisticated tools simply yet rigorously, offering total traceability for all actions and thus enabling total control over the activity of your document management solution. It also provides many statistics on the use of the product and its workflows, a set of indicators that allow you to measure your performance and thus continuously improve your document processes.

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