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Thanks to its digitisation and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, MULTIGEST‘s ADR module can quickly process all your paper documents (supplier invoices, delivery notes, customer orders, customer invoices, CVs, payslips etc.).

Depending on the type and volume of the documents to be processed and the likely budget, MULTIGEST can offer two types of solutions:

Structured outbound documents,
affordable budget: zone recognition

This module offers the possibility of configuring zones to be recognised in your various documents, creating templates that will automatically fill in the associated metadata (invoice number, customer name, amount etc.).

The productivity increases are considerable, because the electronic process reaches a very high level of automation, avoiding time-consuming and laborious manual entry.

Indexing takes place automatically by associating the electronic document with the values captured by the MULTIGEST ADR module.

Unstructured input documents, high volumes
(over 90,000 pages/year): semantic recognition

Metadata, invoice N°; customer name; amount.MULTIGEST offers a module for recognising unstructured documents that is particularly well suited to supplier invoices. Based on technology from Abbyy, the module can extract data from your supplier invoices, regardless of the format, with no need for zones to be configured in advance. The software automatically recognises the essential fields in the invoice header and footer (number, date, total before tax, VAT, total including tax etc.) and can even extract data from the individual lines of the invoice.

The ADR module can be configured in a variety of ways to optimise recognition rates:

  • Type of field
  • Characters to skip
  • Filter to apply before recognition (image cleaning, removal of frames/lines etc.)
  • Masks to validate the data recognised

After each document is processed, a simple, easy-to-use interface for checking and managing recognition errors offers all the necessary options for indexing and processing the document. A skills transfer process enables you to manage your ADR templates independently. Many different imaging options can be used for each template to prepare the document and achieve the best possible recognition rates.

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