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As our organisations grow increasingly “document-centric”, access to document information becomes a vital necessity, both for internal users and for external partners: users, customers, suppliers, service providers etc.

Without tools designed specifically to extend the Document Management System towards the exterior, we quickly find ourselves with inefficient or even dangerous solutions: sending huge e-mails that overload messaging systems, or even printing out documents that will only be re-scanned by their recipient!

With its document distribution portal, MULTIGEST© enables you to provide your external contacts with the documents they need and are authorised to use while respecting the key principles of responsible document management:

  • Uniqueness of the document repository: providing access to the chosen document without making copies
  • Traceability for all document access and viewing
  • Security with regard to WHO distributes documents, WHICH documents are distributed, using specific authorisation, and WHO receives them (secure portal access, DMZ, reverse proxy)
  • Simplicity of the distribution interface, available via a simple web browser with no need for detailed knowledge of MULTIGEST©

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