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Efficient management of working processes is essential if a company is to operate smoothly. But defining them once and for all and describing their operation statically are not enough: what is needed is a tool for modelling and monitoring them and supervising them automatically.

In parallel with this requirement, documentary information is at the heart of how these processes are organised – we often hear organisations described as “document-centric“. For example, the arrival of a signed quote triggers the order validation process and then the production process; the receipt of a supplier invoice triggers the payment process; the arrival of a request from a user triggers the process of examining the request etc.

Document Management System thus lies right at the heart of the company’s organisation, with its workflow (or process) module an essential tool of this organisation.

The Document Workflow module included with MULTIGEST makes it possible to circulate one or more documents to users or groups of users for reading, approval, modification, validation or just an acknowledgement of receipt. In the same way, “system” (automatic) actions can be carried out at each stage depending on the values of indexes: sending the document to a different branch of the workflow, changing indexes, changing classification criteria etc.

Every document has its own tracking sheet indicating the people involved in the workflow and the type of action to be taken. This tracking sheet is a key element in managing a specific process and fixing its behaviour for possible audits in the future.

Workflows are configured using an intuitive graphical interface, enabling administrators to model and then maintain processes very simply.

There are many options for configuring the circuit the document will follow: sending automatic reminders, e-mail alerts to the sender listing the tasks to be carried out, adding stamps, comments or electronic signatures to the document etc. At the end of the workflow, the document is archived in the Document Management System.

These features have a host of applications: supplier invoices, customer invoices, letters, payslips, contracts, quality documents…

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