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Continuous supervision of
the operation of MULTIGEST©


graph creation

icone compte-rendu personnalisé

Fully customised reports based
on the type of query carried out


All the actions taken on data and documents are logged. The entire action history can be accessed via a supplementary “Statistics” module. This module is used to produce reports on activity (connections, consultations etc.) and production (addition of documents, editing etc.). Graphs can be created based on this operating data to illustrate your analysis of the statistics of your Document Management Software.

The module can produce reports on a variety of indicators:

  • Folders created, modified or deleted (in MULTIGEST©).
  • Documents (number/pages), taking account of the different methods and modules used to add them to the DMS.
  • Activity in individual filing trays.
  • Documents consulted by users.
  • Connections to the application

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